Unable to connect walet to uphold account region unsupported error

On login to uphold it saying unsupported region i am unable to connect to uphold account and because of that i am unable to receive bat on my uphold will i loose this month bat or it will added to wallet later
Please help @SaltyBanana @steeven @Mattches

This question is asked likely 10 times or more per day. I suggest having a look at the open questions before opening a new post.

Nevertheless, if you get this error is because your country is no longer supported.
Please, check the latest updates in the page below.

If your country is not supported, I suggest you keep accumulating rewards in your browser until it is supported again, or until Brave ads more options (there are rumours they are going to add alternatives soon).

Note: although you are not able to reconnect your Brave to Uphold, you should still be able to access your Uphold wallet. If not, you need to contact Uphold support.

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