Problem with new brave wallet

Description of the issue: I used the previous wallet for various daaps. Currently, I cannot connect to any of them, and when I try to transfer it to another wallet, for example metamask using the seed phase, a completely new wallet is created. I need to be able to access these applications as I have different contracts open there.

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation?


How can this issue be reproduced?
You just need to fix the ability to connect to these applications or the ability to transfer your wallet to another
Brave Version (check About Brave):

Additional Information: I need to fix this problem ASAP

Please make sure your default wallet setting in brave://settings/wallet is set to Brave Wallet (Prefer extensions) and then restart the browser. You should be able to connect to dapps.

Yes it is. I can connect with ifninity.tenset for example, but with pancakeswap or trava.staking it isn’t working.

I was able to connect my account to both of those sites just now. Could you try clearing cookies and trying again on those 2 sites?

It itsnt works. On trava staking i have error: provider not set. With previous wallet everythink was good.

Good news, a recent issue fix also will fixes connecting to trava staking.

It is being tracked here and we’ll get it into the February release.

As for Pancake swap that already works for me. You may want to try clearing cookies for that one and trying again.

By the way, the fix will be in the next nightly release by tomorrow if you would like to try the Brave Nightly version

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