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Description of the issue:
When you’re trying to authorize the Wallet, It’s says something went wrong.
How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device detailsHuawei p20 pro

Additional Information:

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I have the same issue still haven’t heard from anyone yet to have it fixed.

I have that same issue is it because the to many wallets linked or something else

My problem is still not solved. I also deleted the application and approved my wallet from the browser.

I was having this same issue trying to verify my uphold wallet on my samsung android phone.

I was able to get the wallet verified through uninstalling the uphold android app, logging into uphold in the brave browser, clicking the brave lion icon and lowering shields, then clicking the bat icon and clicking the “verify wallet” link again.

TLDR: I was getting an error message trying to verify my wallet with the Uphold android app, but doing it all within the brave browser worked.

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What @Regulus7 posted works for many Android users. It it doesn’t work for you, I listed some other reasons you may be getting this message.

  1. Your device fails the SafetyNet check

  2. Uphold: You are in an non-supported jurisdiction

  1. Brave: You are not in a supported country. Note: Only creator accounts are eligible for earnings in the Philippines. To check if you are in a supported country, go to TRANSPARENCY DATA FEED and scroll to the bottom of the page for the list of supported countries.

Same issue, but in my PC Brave Browser. Other device is ok. Still no news also

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