Waited 1 week but no reply from @steeven

People were saying that you should wait some days to get a response , But now i have waited more than a week . I guess i need to post again to get a reply from @steeven .

This is not the way to Handle Issues of millions users . Only one guy

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@Agent47 It’s not only one guy. There’s @steeven and @Mattches. I mean, there’s a couple others who come and go on the forums randomly as they deal with other things too. But it is Mattches and Steeven we tend to see most actively.

And yeah, they are trying to get to all messages within a week, but it falls behind and sometimes messages get lost. This is why I say it can be good to follow-up after 7-10 days, either by tagging in a post or by sending another message. I see this is something of your follow-up.

Btw, if you didn’t see…

They are working on a lot. Your patience is appreciated. Hopefully it gets handled soon.

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i wanna ask you about something please can you dm me

I just wanna say that this is not the way to resolve issues of millions people. There should be a live chat or atleast Email Service. 2 Employees are nowhere enough. @steeven @Mattches . Though , its not their Fault

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What good would live chat be? Issues like not receiving BAT wouldn’t be able to be handled live. It would just turn into what we have now, where you provide information and then you’d have to wait however long it takes for them to handle it. Not to mention, think how long the wait time would be for live chat if you were actually speaking to a human and not have an AI.

Well, they are hiring. I also want to mention that there are more than 2, they just aren’t usually here at Brave Community. I mean, people forget that there’s support@brave.com you can write to, they also have @chriscat who tends to avoid here but is incredibly active in assisting people over at r/BATProject , then usually a person or two handling Twitter. I guess this past week or so, it was SaltyBanana kind of handling that.

And yeah, they are hiring. https://brave.com/careers/
Actually is a Support position available too. https://brave.com/careers/?gh_jid=1149345

To be fair, there’s not as many people having problems as you might get the illusion of here. As you said, millions of people are using Brave. But now comes the question, how many are having problems receiving BAT? I’m not even sure how to get those numbers, but I can help to shed some light on the illusion here.

The 30 Day statistics on Brave Community shows there has been 13,899 active users. Of those users, only 2,156 Topics (which is their own post/topic) have been opened. On those 2,156 Topics, we had a total of 29,251 posts (comments) Take all of those numbers and compare it to more than 25 million active users.

And keep in mind, BAT issues are still a small percentage of the 2,156 who shared. I mean, we have lots of Topics like you see linked below:

But yes, seeing a couple hundred people posting and complaining can make people think that there’s a bigger problem than truly exists. The other issue is people never really get to find out what the cause of each person’s problem might be.

Some of those people who say they didn’t get BAT actually had their accounts suspended for fraud that they really did do (though they play ignorant/innocent in hopes to get it anyway). Others might have unintentionally been flagged by turning on VPN and appearing in a different region than they registered with Brave, which then is a violation of Terms and appears to be a scam even though it was on accident. Then there’s also issues that occur within Uphold and Gemini, such as how some of the payments for February didn’t go through due to emergency maintenance and all on their part (nothing to do with Brave). The list goes on.

Yet somehow, people clump all the various situations together and then say, “Brave is at fault!” And like I said, we THINK we see larger numbers of people having issues just because we see Topics being created fairly regularly. (If you never had, try clicking on the username of people posting. Sadly, you’ll find many Topics of people with missing BAT are duplicates, from where that same User has constantly been saying something.)

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Umm, can create your own post if having an issue or can always DM me yourself (confused why you’re posting and asking me to send a message when you have the ability to message me?). If it’s an issue of no payment or anything, then you know I can’t help and that needs to be done through Mattches or Steeven.

Hi @Agent47, please see my reply to your DM.