7+ Days, No Response! No Help!

@steeven Check this DM - https://community.brave.com/t/re-jan-2022-payments-didnt-received/343537/17

You put my account on hold and don’t even respond to DMs. I’ve sent you so many messages, it’s already been 3 days and what have you do so far? Nothing! You could have solved this issue but no, you like to put people’s acount on hold and then ignore them, this isnt going to solve the issue. If you reply to them on time then they dont have to waste their time creating another accounts/posts. They have work too.

I’ve given you every details in DM. If you close the post it is okay, but you then don’t respond to DMs is definitely not ok.

Old post- Jan 2022 Payments Didn't Received

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They get thousands of messages a day. If you’re only giving 3 days, not necessarily enough time to do anything. They get to you when they can. We have had people even commenting lately that issues were resolved. So it’s not like they are sitting on their butt and ignoring you. Try to be patient.


I’m with the same problem. no answer, I think they are not doing anything to help us


Oh yes? It happened with me before, never received any response, I am no fool wasting my time here if there were someone who could just simply respond on time. You could say this because you aren’t the one experiencing what really happening. Try to get a some help here like a normal person then tell others to be patient. You’ll know. I may be lying, but not the majority of the community members who’s post just get closed and they never get any responce on DM.


@fevelar725 Who says I wasn’t? I did exactly what I told you guys to do, messaged them and waited. They didn’t respond to me as a follow-up but I did end up receiving my BAT. I’ve long been telling people here that they need more customer service and that responses and all are bad here. There’s a lot of changes that need to be made.

I just also know from my talking to various staff and through observing for the few years I’ve been using Brave, I’ve been able to better understand how things work and try to relay it to others.


we tell people to be patient preciselly because we have experienced it first hand :joy: :+1:

we tell people to be patient preciselly because we have experienced it first hand :joy: :+1:

This, this, this. So much this, I haven’t received any of my payments either, and I’m still waiting patiently.


Still No response, no resolution!
7+ days since I messaged all the details and screenshot.:expressionless:


It’s hard to believe that this level of mediocrity doesn’t hide any fraudulent intent.

The Brave residence and associated records at GitHub are enough to prove that Brave is busy trying to both develop and fix.

Brave developers are spread thin, over a large territory, such that, there is a significant overload of backlogged issues.

Difficult to stay in position, working to fix something, with any freedom to remain focused and maintain a stream of production that gains . . . before the next interruption.

There is a constant battle between processing

  • feature requests
  • fixing things

My vote is for fixing things.

@fevelar725, your account was put on hold because you were given a resolution and continued to open new posts regarding the same issue. Please see the latest reply to that DM. Please delete one of your duplicate accounts.

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