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search for Innocent Witches 0.9.1A or 0.8.4B (game+18), between searches I found a link with random letters and numbers ending in .onion, I went to other apparently normal links but not that one, when, I realized what that I did, I abandoned everything. Can someone check if it’s safe please? Did I take a chance? that I have to do? It’s practically giving me an anxiety attack, I would appreciate a prompt response, thanks

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Did you visit .onion link or normal link, I could understand it from your post?

If you visited .onion link, did the page load as blank (blank white page with an error) or a website was loaded?

If a website was loaded, did you download something from that website?

If you are on windows, you can scan your device by anti-virus https://www.malwarebytes.com/ or Kaspersky. If you are on android try Kaspersky and bitdefender.

.onion links are safe to visit. Just by visiting such link, no virus/malware comes on your device.

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Thanks for answering, in the search results I entered the links with normal words and downloaded the game I wanted, the process was normal but then I felt insecure, so I restarted my tablet, in the case of the .onion link I did not enter , Is there a possibility that when the link appears in the search results there is some risk? Here in bravo, in the .onion or similar links, what is the worst that can happen to me? Any advice for security? Anything? Thanks for your time

So you did not enter or visit the .onion website. The result only appeared on the search engine. .onion links as I said are perfectly safe. Thousands of people use it daily. Brave browser website https://brave.com also has .onion link. https://brave.com/new-onion-service/ (see the gif in the end of the webpage from the link I provided).

Nothing is gonna happen to your tablet. As I understand, the link only appeared on the search engine, then there is nothing to worry, chill.

Also, could you explain exactly what happened step by step, you could write in Spanish or Portuguese. I will translate it online.

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Solo por curiosidad es tan obvio que use Google translate?
Busqué un juego en brave ,en los resultados me aparecieron varios links ,uno de ellos terminaba en .onion y me asusté (para mí eso es casi un taboo) ,no entre en ese pero en los que parecían normales si y lo descarge ,luego por la falta de conocimiento y miedo decidí resetear mi tablet(eso ayuda en caso de algún virus?).
“Supongamos” que entre en un link de ese tipo acá en brave ,cual podría ser mi peor mala suerte?

Yes, the English was broken. I could not understand exactly what you were talking about.

I translated your Spanish, and now understood what exactly happened. You are perfectly safe. Nothing to worry. There is no virus/malware on your tablet. You can continue using that tablet.

Sí, el inglés estaba roto. No pude entender exactamente de lo que estabas hablando.

Traduje su español, y ahora entendí qué sucedió exactamente. Estás perfectamente a salvo. Nada de que preocuparse. No hay virus/malware en su tableta. Puedes seguir usando esa tableta.

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Bueno gracias ,con que tradujo?

Well thanks, with what did you translate?

Funciona muy bueno

You can also try https://www.deepl.com/ which has more privacy by default. It does not scan your text like google does.

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