VPN Restrictions

Hello Brave Staff:

I’ve recently read at the Forum that Brave bans the Wallets from users who use VPNs. Because it considers them as fraudulent.

At my job, I provide software support and I have the requirement to connect to VPNs from Alaska and Brazil in order to connect to the application servers. It takes a lot of time while I’m connected, it might be between 1 and 2 hours. At that moment I need to use google in order to perform research and reply emails related with my job.

I’m forbidden from using Brave while I’m connected to a VPN?

If I get banned, how long takes the ban?


Hello, good question. I have the same issue but while i have no answer from admins i couldn’t tell for sure that i’m flagged for using a VPN because of job. We are a lot of users who are not receiving ads nor bat since a time ago. I’m receiving new sponsored wallpapers but 0 bat.

You could send a message to admins @steeven @Mattches with your account details found in brave://rewards-internals and version you’re using and wait for an answer.

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Not sure where you saw that. One thing to be very clear on is that using VPN alone isn’t what gets anyone in trouble. It’s using VPN to appear outside of your actual region.

Private ads are only available in certain regions, which we may change from time to time. If you’re not in one of these regions, ads will not be available in Brave Rewards for you. You may not make any attempt to view ads not intended for your region.

No, but you should turn off Brave Ads while you’re connected to regions which you aren’t actually in. The reason for this is you won’t be able to earn BAT anyway and it limits the chances of you getting your account/browser flagged as if you’re attempting to view ads outside of your region.

Again, the focus is You may not make any attempt to view ads not intended for your region.

Depends on circumstances. If they can see something unintentional or that the system wrongly flagged people,. it’s resolved just by contacting staff. But if they see it was intentional or a known violation, it tends to be permanent.

Long story short, VPN is okay but only if it shows in your region. If you connect to regions other than you’re at, you need to turn off Brave Ads so you’re not served ads from other regions.

Oh, and keep in mind it tracks your IP Address, Device Locale, and your Language together to know where you’re at. So like on Android, if you choose English-IN it will see you as if you’re in India. In Windows, you have your Region settings and language settings which both can matter. So changing these within your Windows will influence what it sees you as.

So yeah, if all of those things don’t report the same information, you stand a chance at being flagged.

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I suggest an option by which you can make brave locks your non-vpn real location then whatever location you need to be at using a VPN won’t affect what ads you see. You still receive the ads intended for the locked location.

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That suggestion would be awesome!!!, I’ve the feeling that Brave has already blocked my ads. I have not received a single ad in an entire week and I’m not using Brave with VPN anymore. Maybe Brave read the logs of Windows and suspected something, maybe I’m banned :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m at UK and my internet provider is cheap. Maybe as you say, Brave detected something strange and did the same with me. Despite the fact that I am not using VPn. I only saw the “ads” til the second day I installed Brave, at the third day, they vanished. :joy:

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