Clearing History: "These Sites Seem Important To You" Message Is Permanent

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Description of the issue: When clearing history, a box pops up and says “These sites seem important to you”. It has Office Depot as the only entry. It does not matter what site(s) I visit, the message is there. I’ve tried clearing the cache in Settings - Apps - Brave. No luck!

How can I make this message go away forever?

How can this issue be reproduced?
I’m not sure how to reproduce it. From internet searching, it seems that no one else has this situation (or I could not find it despite searching).

Expected result:
Make the message go away & not come back.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.29.76 Chromium 93.0.457758
Mobile Device details
Moto G Stylus using Android 11

Additional Information:

Thank You For Helping & Please Enjoy Today!

PS: Is there a setting for the mobile app to always clear history on exit?

How do you clear history in order to get that message, I tried a few ways and didn’t get such a message?

Specifically only history - not yet. You can clear all browsing data on exit, for an option to choose which browsing data to clear on exit, the Github ticket below has to be completed first.

Thank You Rethanis for taking time to reply & for the link to Github. It would be nifty if Brave Android could be set to automatically clear history, as it does on Mac OS.

I was able to get rid of the Office Depot perma-history by uninstalling & reinstalling Brave. Nothing else I tried worked. Oddly, the problem only happens with Brave on Android & not on Mac OS desktop. And, even more oddly, I’ve never been to Office Depot’s web site. Crazy, huh?

Thanks Again & Be Sure To Enjoy Today!

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