Viewing In Line images in email

I can view inline email images in other browsers and on my phone, but they don’t show automatically in Brave. Can anyone out there explain what I have to tweak in Brave settings to get images to show? Thanks folks

Can you provide some additional information surrounding your issue? What email client you’re using, what OS you’re on, your Brave version, etc?

Zoho mail,
Windows 10 Home version 1903,
Brave Version 0.69.132 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Seems like I was able to view inline images in Zoho mail without issue:

Can you tell me what your Shields settings were set to for the site?

I hope this what you were asking for. Does any of this apply to email??

Sometimes, it’s get blocked by ads and trackers blocker, @lazza58. Can you try disable trackers blocker for Zoho via Brave icon at URL bar?

Thanks very much eljuno. Looks like that has done the trick. Mucho gracious :grinning:

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