Yahoo mail stopped showing images

This used to work before but something changed and I can’t figure out what. When in Yahoo mail, I used to be able to see the pictures within emails, for example, a costco add email would should the product pictures. I have gone to settings both in Yahoo and in Brave and set “images” on. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Brave. Any help? Thanks in advance.

I’ve had images not load on me before. For me, waiting a few days just seemed to fix it, but you can try a few steps to try fixing it now:

  1. Check your browser is up to date at brave://settings/help
  2. Clear your cache, history, and other browsing data.
  3. Turn off any firewalls you might have, and turn off Brave shields on the affected webpage.
  4. Try using another browser to see if the issue persists. If it doesn’t, then I’d just recommend waiting a bit since the issue fixes itself in my case. This kind of issue isn’t just Brave-specific, I’ve had it happen on all kinds of browsers.
  5. You can clean up your system with a file cleaner tool that cleans unnecessary files. Check you have the latest OS for whatever you’re using.

I’ve got the same problem. I suspect Yahoo is at fault. I’m waiting for the holiday to be over and Yahoo’s tech people get back to work.

I am having this issue as well, works fine in chrome 85

I don’t think it is a Yahoo issue. all other browsers seem to work OK. IE, Edge, Chrome. Even Brave on my mobile shows the images - just on my PC, it stopped about a week ago.

For the past 4 days Ive had this problem. NO images showing in my Yahoo mail, but they were in all my other browsers. So I did as Flamehold mentioned above (one at a time) and then checked my email. After I shut off the brave shields for Yahoo mail the images are back again. :smiley: I really dont remember turning them on OR off before, or messing with shields before. I wonder why all of a sudden the images stopped showing? Strange. :crazy_face:

Disabling Brave Shields for the yahoo mail page worked for me as well (click the lion’s head to the right of the address bar). A further test revealed that leaving the Brave Shields on but disabling the “tracker and ad blockers” for the yahoo mail page also allows pictures to load.

I really hope Brave sorts this out quickly because having to disable tracker & ad blocking defeats the whole purpose of using Brave in the first place.

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Fix incoming, in the next 24-48hrs it should be fixed in Brave.

Well, that was the shortest 24-48 hours I ever saw. I just got online and the pictures are now back.

Thanks, guys!

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And a thank you indeed. My first time reaching out to the community for help - wasn’t sure how it was going to go. Great work.

Thanks for the rapid response! All is working fine now.

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