Viewing ads and no reward granted today

2 days ago I complained about no ads at all ,so now today ads has been popping up and I’ve been viewing it but to notice no BAT was granted for the ads I’ve viewed

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I have been having the same issue, on my work browser i have got 1 bat pending reward the first day, been a week now and view ads as they come, even acknowledge them in ads history, like not like and such, still at one bat pending and view 3-5 ads an hour on it while im working. it’s stupid how you have to go through so much trouble to sync all devices, I have done that but my brave rewards are different on each device. my work is stuck at 1, my phone I have viewed more ads than anything but at 0, and my home pc is stuck at 1.9, all installed same day. you would think synced would actually sync all of it

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