No ads or rewards gang

ok fellas let’s place our bets. how long until we start getting BAT and ads like normal? I can’t decide between “never” and “when I switch back to safari”.

[this is clearly bait, no disrespect to the team]


Haha I bet we see some again when they will give us 0.0001 BAT :smiley:

But really, since the drop in BAT/ad I dont longer get New Tab ADs only some Notifications sometimes :smiley:

I’ve seen almost 400 ads this month but siting at 0 estimated pending rewards.


my phone still getting ads like normal but my pc is going on 3 months. Edit: hoping this update fixed whatever was wrong. but still havent got any ads so im going to doubt.

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starting 2 weeks ago went from some ads to none. Someone is getting them all, it sure isnt me.


That’s weird i’ve received ads (popup in Windows alerts) but the “wallet” shows none, and uphold shows 2.9 estimated… brave seems staying disconnected when i click on the BAT logo

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Same issue. Also, brave staff isn’t helping us.


ON MY PHONE I’ve received ads (popup in Windows alerts) but the “wallet” shows none… AND IT’S LIKE THIS SINCE 15 DAYS

ON MY COMPUTER. I received bno more adds at all and no rewards at all since 10 days.

system : MAC High Sierra
vpn : Nord VPN

7 years more, you fun? :wink:

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