Videos are interrupted by a black "blink" every few seconds

The issue started sth like a month ago, maybe a bit more. When I am wathching a video of any kind, whether it is YT, Netflix, or some pirate anime website, the video (not the whole screen, just the area covered by the video) is “blinking”, by which I mean that it periodically turns black for a split second. The audio is not disturbed, and like I said, it is limited to the video itself, not the whole browser. When encountered in Netflix, the subtitles seemed to blink as well, which was quite odd; when the screen turns black for a split second, the last subtitles can be seen as well, even when nobody is saying anything.
I have tried watching multiple videos using other browsers, and I can confirm that the issue is limited to Brave.

Hey Anomalous,

Disable hardware acceleration in brave://settings/system and see if that fixes the problem.

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For now it seems that this solution works, but I’ll wait a couple days to confirm it.
Thanks for the help ^^

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