Issue with YouTube Videos

Trying this browser (Windows10), but YouTube videos go black, if you change focus (click outside video) or start flashing like a strobe light.

Hey try the following, see if it helps @TE5LA

  1. Clearing Cache, cookies, disable all extensions
  2. chrome://net-internals/#dnsClear host cache
  3. chrome://net-internals/#sockets → Select Close idle sockets, and click Flush socket pools
  4. Reload Youtube, re-sign in (since clearing cookies)

Does Brave use some other browser’s cache? This has happened since first installing the browser. No extensions. Other browsers don’t do this, ever.

No, any caching is done by Brave (and the Chromium core)

clearing the cache doesnt work
the browser keeps flickering like a low frequency strobe light

Yes, that’s what happens to me. Installation is new, no time to build much of a cache, I’d think. I have two monitors. If I have a YouTube video playing on one and bring focus to the other monitor, the video will often just go solid black.

I have used Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium) without these issues. I want to move away from these mainstream browsers, if possible, This is the reason I tried Brave, but if it doesn’t fulfill even the basic requirements, I can’t switch.

Interestingly, I have had this problem with Firefox.

I wonder, does disabling Hardware Acceleration in brave://settings/system make any difference?

Not finding this option.

This option:

Okay, it’s a miracle! My blindness has been cured.

I swear I didn’t see this before. I’ve turned it off and will see what happens, but when I recently used Brave, it wasn’t occurring anyway.

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