Blackscreen whily playing certain Videos (without logical order)

Description of the issue:
Hey all,
I have this problem recently (since about 7 days ago) that some Youtube Videos cause Brave to full
black Screen. This doesn’t happen in every video but in some of them.

The Problem occurs directly after I click on a Video to be redirected to the actual Video. Then everything full blacks out (whole Brave Browser/ even the top bar including (Bookmarks/Tabs/everything…)).

While everything blacks out I’m still able to switch between tabs (because i know the location of these tabs at the top) and then I am able to see everything again and when I switch back to the Youtube Tab that causes the Problem full Black Screen Mode again. The Video plays and I get sound like normally but I can’t just see anything due to the Black Screen. I can only take actions with shortcuts (CTRL+R, etc.) or if I know the predefined locations of the action buttons.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Go on Youtube
2. Click at any Video
3. 20/30% Chance everything will just black out.
4. (While saying it happens 20/30% it also rehappens on certain Videos that causes the problem so I just can’t go back and hope it will not appear this time)

Just checked also happens with Videos on Amazon Prime

Expected result:
Video to be shown normally like 70/80% of the rest.

Brave Version( check About Brave ):
Brave Version 1.3.115

Additional Information:
Windows 10

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