Video streams in Brave not going fullscreen after samsung updated its OS

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Description of the issue:
Video streams with various video players no longer go fullscreen when turning my phone on its side since last samsung update

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Loading websites that offer various streams like anime sites and clicking fullscreen on the video player and turn the phone horizontal

Expected result:
It should go fullscreen when horizontal playing videos in brave

Brave Version( check About Brave):
My brave is up to date but I cannot open the settings right now while typing this as it will close this topic down lol
Mobile Device details
Samsung S21 FE

Additional Information:
This happened after samsung OS android updated

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I have a similar issue with videos in brave and I just updated my Samsung. If I put my phone in horizontal mode while playing videos in brave, it stays horizontal and will not correct. I think this may be a Samsung thing. Do you use all of the Samsung apps and services? Do you have to use their service before they will help you? With your phone, I mean?

I have the Samsung apps but I never really use them and I’ve never really needed to use them for support but I may have to with this issue. It seems other browsers are also the same but apps are ok if they are listed in the fullscreen section of the display settings

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