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As much as I like much about Brave, with out video and audio working Amazon, Netflix, Spotify etc , it is a no go.

I have spent enough time trying to get it to work, it is time for Brave to fix this widevine issue or provide a simple fix.

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Thanks for reaching out @e2noch,
If you use keyword “Spotify” or “Amazon” with “Latest post” sorting, you’ll find many similar threads in this forum. :wink:

Please see Spotify web player doesn't work. ( to enable Widevine.



@e2noch just wondering, if you have bitdefender installed on your computer, it is comflicting with Widevine somehow and they’re looking into it at the moment.


No Bitdefender. I am using Malwarebytes Pro and Avast free version, in Win 10 -64 bit on 12.5 " Samsung Tablet. Thanks for reply.

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