Very slow with hardware acceleration enabled

I am having very poor performance in Brave with hardware acceleration enabled on PopOS 22.04.

If i enable hardware acceleration the browser is very laggy, especially when playing a YouTube video… If a video is playing and i try to move the window, it freezes for a good 5 seconds or so before it moves and then moves with lots of lag.

If i disable hardware acceleration the issue goes away…

I am running the latest version of Brave in a flatpak (version 1.38.111).

I have also just tried installing the debian package via the repo’s and have the same issue.

My specs below:

Pop!_OS 22.04
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
Nvidia RTX 2060 (Driver 510.68.02)
NVMe storage

@llars0689 ,

I leave Hardware Acceleration disabled - for better performance and fewer problems.

Check if driver is up to date.

I have NVIDIA 1660ti with AUTO-SELECT in settings. It is disabled in Brave. Never had a problem.
I have Windows 11, integrated card Intel UHD 630.

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