Very helpless to seek assistance

For over 2 months now I have been sending many letters but the problem has not been resolved, and they also do not want to reply me. I spent money running google ads to attract a lot of people around the world to know about Brave browser. I then stopped running my google ads ads before there was a notice of brand keyword infringement. In the letter they said they would forgive me only once if I comply with that request. And I have followed the principle. But they didn’t open an account for me. I think a lot of people will be taken advantage of by Brave like me, they want more users to profit but do not want to pay the publisher costs. I asked Steeven he said he was looking, but they are not working. They are cheating on me. More than 2 months is more than enough time to settle. Worth the condemnation!

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@steeven He is still active in the group. Please settle it for me. I worked hard for you guys but why not get paid?