Vertical tabs: now there are hardly any areas to use to drag the window

Over the years, as application window title bars have shrunk, there is less and less space one can use to click with the mouse and move the application window around. Now, if I use vertical tabs, there is even less space that I can find to use to drag the window around. I used to be able to use the space to the right of the last tab if I only had a few tabs open, when horizontal, but when vertical, there is only a few pixels that can be used. Hope this is clear.

you can drag the window if you click on the place shown in the picture, and also on the place under the address bar
I don’t know if there is such a place on macOS)

There is plenty of space at the top of the window (especially on the left side) to grab and drag. If you typically have lots of tabs open I’d actually argue that there’s more space to drag the window around with:

Thanks for the replies and screenshots! They helped me remember that I had the “wide address bar” setting on, which expanded my address bar such that there was no space to use for dragging. I guess I’ll keep the “normal” size address bar for the time being.
Wide address bar:

Normal size:

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The window can also be moved between the buttons as well, pretty decent space to grab the window.
Unless you are just bad at aiming, in my opinion, if people want to use wide address bar and vertical tabs, I think they should enable the titlebar, because they are the ones reducing their own space to grab the window, since wide address bar is not even the default.

Of course, there is a problem in the VT implementation regarding moving windows when the window is maximized, but I don’t know if it applies to other OSs though. But it makes it harder to move the window because it shows the resize pointer rather than just use the top pixels above the address bar, so when it gets fixed the experience should be better.

For instance this is how it works.




Of course this is only in Maximized windows, in normal windows, unless people are not using wide address bar, then title bar would be their best option or just calculate the empty space between buttons.

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