MAC UI (maybe other OS too) : Grabbing window easier

Dear Brave’s users, I’m becoming to fall in love with Brave but some small UI defects are annoyed. moving windows by grabbing the title bar is very useful, especially on Mac, where users move and resize windows a lot of times in a day.

For instance, Safari or FireFox allows users to grab windows (in order to move it) in multiple small zones. In Brave the only grabbing zone is the thin over tabs zone or in other quite tiny places (as shown in the screenshot in Green color).
The red zone is ungrabbable unfortunely, unlike other browsers. It would be very useful in the daily life to grab Brave’s windows as in other apps and it would facilite the adoption among Mac’s users.


Definitely ditto for Windows. Personally I’d like to see the return of the title bar (or the option to do so), or an option to use system decorations, as exists on the Linux version.
Current implementation is a big problem for heavy tab users.