Window drag difficult with vertical tabs on Mac

With vertical tabs enabled on macOS 12.6.6, it’s almost impossible to drag the window to another position, as there is very little space available to use as a drag handle. Attempting to drag generally activates a toolbar control instead. The only space I can drag successfully is a small area between the left edge of the window and the red “traffic light” Close button provided by the OS.

Suggestion: add a small area above the toolbar controls for dragging, as is present above the horizontal tabs when vertical tabs are off.

Well, maybe you need to enable the Show Title bar in brave://settings/appearance?

Unless you are using Wide Address bar, I don’t understand how it is hard to drag windows around… I mean, I don’t even have issues with the Wide Address bar, but I would understand it more if that was the case; and in that case, I would obviously turn the title bar on, because it is the smartest way to ‘freely’ drag windows around without any problem…

hi both, I was looking for a comment about this. I too am finding dragging Brave around the screen tricky with vertical tabs turned on. However, as mentioned, this is mainly an issue with full width address bar. Having now turned this off, I have a much larger clickable area to pick up and drag with the mouse.

I would say that maybe there is a task though to look at making the right hand side of the menu bar draggable too (above the extensions) its a tight space but plausible.

Thanks Emi, those suggestions do work. However they’re not easily discoverable for a casual Brave user like me, who turned on horizontal tabs and suddenly lost the ability to drag the window easily. Is the wide address bar off by default?

Both these solutions involve significant trade-offs which wouldn’t be needed if the same solution was available as with horizontal tabs, that is, adding a small drag area above the toolbar controls.