Chrome Themes no longer work in Brave

Hiya Everyone,
Very sad that Chrome Themes do not work properly anymore. The Tabs on the browser changes but if I go to Google the page has not changed. Definitely worked until recently although not sure which update stopped it. Any help / solutions? Is it a bug?

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In other words, they are working on fixing it.

Ok Saoiray, thank you. I don’t really understand the included post in your response, but I did read it earlier when trying to find a solution using Google search (but without nice Theme page hahahahahaha). I guess you understand that somehow the crashing problem is related to the Theme problem…which they are working on. Thank you for for responding. Lauren

@golden1789 Yeah, long and short of it is that having vertical tabs enabled is causing the browser to crash for people using some Google themes.

The more immediate solution is to remove the theme extensions or to disable vertical tabs. It kind of provided some methods of how to do that. Otherwise just pretty much stuck waiting for the next update and hoping they have the fix there for it.

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I had this as well, after installing a theme last night the browser instantly crashed. Couldn’t open it again as every time I tried it just crashed.
Had open open a private window from the linux menu to get round it and delete the theme

I don’t have vertical tabs on Brave v. 1.60.114, and themes from Chrome still don’t work. I can download a theme, but nothing happens.

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