Version number Brave

Updating Brave does not work; “Updating almost complete. Restart Brave to complete the update.”
He repeats this all the time and either Brave then updated is no idea. Not very much to the website and do it manually

Only there is nowhere a version number mentioned so I know if updating is really necessary.
Would you like to add this or put a clear link on the site where you can find it? I have looked under each link, but nowhere you will find this information.
Seems to me personally quite essential to be able to see what the latest version is.

0.61.51 is the latest version?

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Click the Browser tab. Brave has version information about where it says. my current version. 0.63.55 Chromium. :wink:

@adxymmmf1noytb0 like mentioned by @SAGE84 (thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:), the latest version is 0.63.55. And yours is a bit outdated.

Are you on Windows? Can you try:

  • download the installer again from or if you have a copy on your machine
  • then run the installer. No need to uninstall. Just run the installer. It’ll fetch the latest version.

Additionally, you can find info about the latest version in this forum. Like Hotfix for Release Channel [v0.63.48 --> v0.63.55] released!

Or @brave on Twitter also tweet about the latest release.


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