Version 1.15.76 on Google Play while v1.16.68 is not avaiable

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Google Play still have version Version 1.15.76 while the new release v1.16.68 is already publicized on BRAVE site

Why this lag on timing and how can I update my BRAVE on my phone? (Android obviously…)

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it take time for google to update all server so somepeople get the update after 1-2 days
it depend on the region you from

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this is the first time I experienced such a delay from 2019… it’s pretty weird


i just looked for the apk file and many sites still offer only 1.15.76

so not sure what the cause

The APK can be downloaded from the brave github page -

Since I’m not exactly sure which architecture to use I often wait for the Play Store update. Though I do agree with you that having the change log on the website when the majority of us still can’t get it is unhelpful and frustrating to those of us who keep looking for the update. Plus they should include the latest download link for Android right underneath the changelog. The average person wouldn’t know to look at GitHub.

It would be nice if Brave would put under the about section what architecture APK version Brave is running. It would make it easier for those of us who need to pull from GitHub because the Play Store is days if not weeks behind on pushing out a update. Having the architecture version could also help with troubleshooting or reporting issues on GitHub.

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It has been 4 days and still not in the Google Play Store :pensive:. I sent Brave a tweet about this as well -

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