Version 1.18.1 on Android to claim the rewards?

I couldn’t claim my rewards on my Android phone this month. And now in the header of this page it says that I have to wait for version 1.18.1 in order to claim these rewards. But I am currently on version 1.7.102 and there isn’t an update available. So how long will it take for you guys to launch this version?

Thank you!


They’re working hard on it. It’s their top priority. Why don’t you demonstrate a bit of patience & trust? I mean - nothings lost. :heart:

I first had complaints (see below) but Brave team was responsive (and responsible), constructive… Believe in them :wink:
& wait 4:

1.18.1 Android 1.16.1 iOS 1.9 Desktop


Yeah I know and I really like what they are doing, but I was just confused that they want to upgrade from 1.7 to 1.18. Maybe the releases in between didn’t get released but that seemed a little weird to me.

Because 1.18.x is not released yet @Felix. The team just give you a version number that have a fix for this issue.

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yea its 1.7 is now working in Android u should wait to next update

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