How is the Android version distributed?


I would like to know how the Android version of the browser is distributed. The latest version has been available for some users for a few days, and some of us are yet to receive it through Google Play.

It’s particularly interesting to me that after checking my phone’s Google Play store, Brave’s official website, and eventually on my PC, all show a different date regarding the latest update.

  • My phone’s Google Play store says the latest update was on 19.05.2021
  • Brave’s official website says the latest update was on 20.05.2021
  • Google Play on PC says the latest update was on 27.05.2021

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All right, as of today Brave’s website shows the latest update was on 27th of May, the update is getting closer!

Still at 1.24.86 when 1.25.71 was released on 8th of June. This is beyond annoying.

1.25.71 is a pre-release build. But the android pace to get a version on to google play store is kind of slow.

That said, 1.25.71 is available right now if you don’t mind side loading it from like apkmirror or brave github… The only drawback is that the package maybe 32bit instead of 64bit…

I don’t know what you mean by a “pre-release build” in this case. Brave v1.25.71 is a minor release that features a fix for tab groups and a minor Chromium bump.

Pre-release was just the tag they put next to the version, which looks like it was removed from yesterday…

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Web browsers are a crucial piece of software, keeping them up to date is crucial for a variety of reasons. Brave must address the extremely slow pace of rolling out new Android releases. No matter how much I want to give Brave on mobile a chance, I’ll wait a few more days to see if an update will become available, and in case it doesn’t, I’ll have to move myself and my family to our previous web browser, unfortunately.

again, nothing prevents you from sideloading… not standard upgrade path, but you can keep it up to date if you want… From what I can tell it isn’t going to mess up upgrading later…

Edit: and yes, I agree waiting for standard release is definitely a pain in the a** when you’re waiting for anticipated changes, like the rewards changes already available in desktop…

I agree manually upgrading is a possibility, but unfortunately that doesn’t address the issue many users experience. I, you (for example), and some more users will upgrade manually a couple of times, but at some point that extra work will eventually make us rethink our decision to use Brave on mobile.

Anyway, thank you for your input, I’m grateful someone finally gave their opinion here. I hope someone from the team will share their thoughts on the subject soon, too.

This type of gradual rollout is common place with updates. I think the miscommunication between the date listed on (for example) and seeing the update available on device may cause some confusion, but the roll-out is not “slow”. It typically takes a day or two for updates to roll out across all applicable devices (millions of them).

The Android team has informed me that we’re >50% rollout right now. We appreciate your patience.


I highly appreciate your input, but I’ll have to disagree with you, specifically with the part of your comment that says the roll-out is not slow, and that it typically takes a day or two. The 1.24.86 version became available to me and my family around 20th of May, and this morning (11th of June), we finally received the 1.25.71 update. I’m sure you’ll agree the period 20th of May - 11th of June is more than a few days.

With this chromium sec issue going on right now, I imagine we should at least be seeing a point release soon… one would hope anyways… :scream:

There is an update scheduled for today, it includes a Chromium bump to 91.0.4472.101, but since I’m not aware of the issue you’re talking about, I can’t tell if that Chromium bump addresses it.

Yep. same issue. Google patched it yesterday.

The update was at 100% roll-out yesterday – so it only took 2 days. If you still do not have the update, then there is likely an issue on your device and/or play store.


I think you misread what I pointed out in my previous comment to you. There was an update in between v1.24.86 and v1.25.71 that didn’t arrive at all to me and my family. Put in other words, the previous update, before the one we got this morning (v1.25.71) was on 20th of May, thus the period I pointed out in my previous comment - 20th of May - 11th of June.

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