Release Channel v0.67.123 is live!

Where to download:

Brave Desktop:


Brave Mobile:



Notable fixes and additions

  • Added the ability to tweet about a tip. (#4393)
  • Added list view of excluded sites under brave://rewards. (#3657)
  • Added visual confirmation that a verified publisher check is complete in rewards panel. (#4351)

Full Release Notes

  • Added retries for pending contributions. (#3741)
  • Added detailed view of pending contributions under brave://rewards. (#3175)
  • Updated verified publisher icon throughout Brave Rewards. (#4162)
  • Updated default tipping banner text. (#4616)
  • Fixed referrer spoofing disabling some forms of login CSRF protections. (#3422)
  • Fixed ad summary not being refreshed after redeeming tokens. (#5011)
  • Fixed retries for failed ad reward balances. (#5175)
  • Fixed incorrect “Insufficient funds” notification when auto-contribute table is blank. (#4104)
  • Fixed incorrectly showing publishers with zero attention in auto-contribute table. (#4386)
  • Fixed restored wallet not checking for a grant. (#4220)
  • Fixed inability to collect TFuel tokens on (#5380)
  • Fixed padding on the new tab page for right-to-left locales. (#3574)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 76.0.3809.87. (#5424)
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