BAT verification Germany


I tried to verify with all three Services (Uphold etc) but none of them supports german users.

I have an Global ID.

Is there any other possibility to claim my rewards? I am willing to send everything needed or apply with anything neccesary.

It si very frustrating to go threw all these KYC’s just to realise at the end that there seems no way for a German user to claim.

Also I am very dissatisfied with that it’s not possible for IOS users to claim their rewards. I know it’s not your fault but still… That was the number one reason why I even approached you since - in case for IOS - there are better browser options at the moment in my opinion.

I’d really appreciate your help!

Kind regards


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If you are not in a supported region, you can:

  1. Hodl your bat in hopes that your region will be supported in the future.
  2. Use your bat to tip you favorite, verified creator, websites.

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