Verifying wallet with Gemini

Hi! I am trying to verify my wallet with Gemini but its not an option. Just uphold is even though its disconnected. Please advise how I can add Gemini to this. See screenshot. Thanks!


To confirm, your wallet was/is verified w/Uphold already?

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Actually, no, it never worked to verify it. But I had an uphold account and had tried to verify it. If i click on it it just brings me to verify with uphold.

So I actually assisted another user earlier today who was in the same weird state – given the situation you have two options, a described here:

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If waiting until next update will work that’s fine, thank you so much!

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Reset and lose your BAT, and start over? Thats not an option. Not when you have over 600 BAT.

Then don’t – wait until the next browser update.

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Do we know around when that will be?

Correct me if I’m wrong here. From my understanding, Uphold is causing problems for people that decided not to use Uphold, because of their ridiculous verification policy? I’ve never had a reason to own a smart phone. Where I live, its inexplicably a dead zone. I say inexplicably, because I live on a mountain.

Cell phones have zero connect-ability. So naturally, I’ve never owned one. Having to hold up my ID on some iPhone, is an absolutely ridiculous requirement. Not when I can just give my banking information, its a ridiculous hoop to have to jump through to get access to what is rightfully mine. And I can’t help but wonder how many people just rage quit, allowing Uphold to pilfer their BAT.

So I didn’t bother verifying with Uphold. I knew that eventually, Uphold monopoly on my BAT would end. I think i’ll just keep saving my BAT, until Gemini gets the bugs worked out. Requiring a passport is also a ridiculous requirement. Anything beyond the normal, traditional identification requirements, is an ill thought exclusionary business practice.

I’m glad that there’s a way around the Uphold bottleneck, next update. Hopefully BAT will go well over a dollar. I plan to start purchasing BAT in the dips. This is a good method for getting accustomed to the crypto currency market. the great thing about BAT is, there will always be an advertising market. Unlike typical crypto, BAT is actually backed by something significant.


The issue we’re having here is due to a run of the mill issue, where users have found themselves in a strange state. Uphold is not “doing” anything to cause it.

Again, if you were never verified/tried to verify with Uphold, you can connect to Gemini right now without any issue. The problem is occurring for users who attempted or had previously had their wallet verified w/Uphold.

A passport is not required for Gemini verification – standard IDs work just fine.

Gemini couldn’t verify me with a US State issued ID. They require that I link a bank account and wire transfer fiat to them. That needs to be changed. I feel like they’re trying to force me to link a bank account and deposit.

See thats the thing. I did start the verification process. I got as far as the holding up an ID on a smart phone, requirement. I decided that I’m not going to drive 30 miles to borrow somebody’s smartphone to conduct personal financial business on their phone. Based on this, I’m pretty sure I’m one of the people caught in the Uphold loop. For now, it doesn’t really matter because I’m going to keep saving my BAT. I almost moved on it when it got over a dollar, but these diamond hands held stronk!

From what I understood, the passport requirement is for those outside the US. I’m glad I understood that wrong! Lots of Brave friends outside of the US.

Gemini requires as part of their verification process, at least in the US, that you give them a cell phone number that isn’t VOIP or prepaid, and you have to use the same number for an Authy account for 2FA.

Thats not the case outside US. Here, we need a passport to be able to get verified and almost none of us have a Passport. So many of the users will have to stick to Uphold like me and wait for a new wallet or for Gemini to change their Verification method.

Read this article from Gemini regarding the Verification Process:

Thank you for the clarification. Unfortunately there’s quite literally nothing I can do about that, as it is Gemini’s process, not Brave’s.

We hope to include additional options in the future for custodians, but you have to start somewhere. We are doing what we can to accomodate and include as many users as we can to be able to earn/use Rewards and we do appreciate everyone’s patience as we grow and learn.

Ohh yeah I appreciated the update since many were facing issues with Uphold but it is working perfectly fine for me.

Also, even Gemini is confused with their verification system, since one of their support assistants sent my friend that passport isn’t compulsory, while some other support assistant said to me that it is compulsory.

Still I have applied for verification, I will update with the results when they arrive.

I tried to verify my account in gemini but it requires passport. I waited for gemini but still cant use it, so im gonna stick to uphold haysss.

one question. why brave doesn’t want to use this feature brave://wallet/ to claim BAT rewards instead of using other wallets? right? i think this the best solution> use the brave wallet feature instead!

well, verification failed for me. Im outside US. and without passport we cannot verify our account.

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