Cannot verify My Gemini Wallet

I am unable to verify my Gemini Wallet. Every time I try I get this:

I am on MacOS Monterey and Brave 1.34.80


Getting the same message over and over. Gemini account was connected before.
Neer had this problem with UpHold. Moved all my BAT from UpHold to Gemini. Now this won’t connect. Not good Brave Support !


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Never had this problem with UpHold

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I getting the same thing

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same here, please solve this asap!

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I’m getting the same issue. I connected to Gemini at first, and immediately all my BAT disappeared (it’s still missing after more than 4 days). I disconnected the wallet and when I tried to connect it again I got that same “Try again” error. I’m on MacOS Big Sur 11.6 and Brave Version 1.34.80.

Quite disappointing to say the least.

I tried to connect my Gemini account to Brave, but I receive the same message for the last past couple of days.

Yup, same issue here. It’s quite frustrating.

I have the same issue.
Monterey 12.1 and Brave 1.34.80

I am experiencing this same issue.

I am the same.

Opened this with details I could work out…

Not managed to solve it though :frowning:

I made a little more progress in tracking this down in case anyone from Brave looks at this. For me it fails on this call. This is after it authenticates with Gemini so not sure what this url does.

[17 Jan 2022, 8:39:13.3]
[ RESPONSE - OnRequest ]

Result: Failure
HTTP Code: 500
Body: {“message”:“error linking wallet: gemini client misconfigured: failed to get value from context”,“code”:500}

[17 Jan 2022, 8:39:13.3] Internal server error
[17 Jan 2022, 8:39:13.3] Couldn’t claim wallet!

I have the same issue, same error messages as @savagemindz . Basically the OAuth is failing.

Likewise here. No December rewards. I disconnected the wallet and hoped to reconnect to see if that would kickstart the rewards, but no. I get the same errors as savagemindz in my log.] Failed to get signed tokens] Internal server error] Couldn’t claim wallet!

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Any progress yet on this?

Nope, not that I’ve experienced. Same error as everyone here.

@James666 @greenaj and others. Yes, there has been progress made. In fact, someone even shared with you guys on this thread if you took the time to read it.

Update Jan 25, 2022: Thank you everybody for your patience. We are working with the Gemini team to get everything back up and running. We currently expect Gemini user wallets in Brave Rewards to be back online around Feb 2-3, 2022 (next week).

Not to mention all of the people who keep asking without searching the forums first. It starts to get old when people just pop in to create threads rather than searching where people have shared issues and had support answer. It’s all of these duplicate threads and people choosing not to read that all the Brave staff can’t get to everyone and fix issues.


Might be a good idea for the mods to pin this to the community page, or post it to the top like the update about payouts. It also doesn’t help that they posted the update about Gemini on Reddit, I use reddit and check the BAT subreddit, but does everyone else on here?

Thanks for that. It would be more helpful if that info was available for new users signing up say…yesterday. If it’s currently broken there should be a message or popup. Good to know though. Cheers.

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