[Ragemode] Verify mobile wallet without 25 BAT minimum

So i found those other threats stating the same issue and I need to stress this out one more time and escalate:

Please let us verify our mobile wallet to our existing and verified uphold accounts!

I purely hate the decision to be forced to earn 25 BAT at EVERY fckng reinstall of the brave browser, eventhough I have a verified uphold Account which held 200+BAT at some point in time…

And you plan on enforcing this crudity on desktop OS’s, too? You must be kidding!! There are periods, where I swap linux distros several times a month.

It might never come to those 25 BAT at a single run of the os, while the rewards to have diminished in the last months.

I am pretty angry on your strategy. Such a great product, but this antifeature is killing my UX.


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