Brave throws all this advertising saying I get paid for it yet crashes and can't sync one wallet with another. Make it easier

After losing out on 54 BAT over a month ago I tried to sync one device to another so I have a verified wallet on my PC with no BAT on a browser synced to my Android. The Android wallet however is unverified because it only has 6 BAT despite me syncing it previously when I had the extra tokens. Great concept poor execution doubt I’ll be using brave anymore especially since it crashes every 2 minutes or so for no reason. So it pretends to give you money you can’t access, or is easily deleted and it takes 25 to verify a wallet that is already verified. Gotta say I’d rather not be bsd and just use a browser without a bs gimmick. How difficult is it to get a brave wallet id for Android? Really?

Hi @Tandemdevil, thanks for reporting. I can help to take a closer look at your issue. Just to confirm, your Android wallet was at one time verified, and after the BAT loss, it was unverified?

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