Verify wallet Loop

The android brave browser App is stuck in a verify wallet loop. I pressed on the verify wallet button. It gives me a screen to login to uphold. Logged in and it jumps straight to brave rewards page. And it still shows the verify wallet button. And when I click on it again, it gets me to uphold page to authorize brave browser to be integrated but again it gets directed to the brave rewards page. If I do it for multiple times, I have to login to uphold again. It just gets stuck in this loop.i also have the minimum 25 bat.

It is doing the same thing in my partners phone too. Same phone model same brawve browser version

Try logging into uphold first. Stay logged in. Also from uphold’s site, you might need to alter shields cookie setting to allow all cookies. Then try to to verify the wallet again.

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Shield is down. Still getting this loop

Having this exact same issue too, I had to reinstall Brave on my phone because the background video playback wasn’t working and now that I’m trying to relink back onto Uphold it has me at this loop

I tried on my other phone on a new install. Need to get back my bat balance again

I’m having this same issue and its so frustrating.

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