Verified uphold now Brave rewards are gone

Can a moderator please get this sorted? Its been TWO weeks and this has not been automatically fixed, thanks.

My previous brave rewards disappeared after I was forced to verify to uphold wallet…

@covik Not sure what you’re mentioning. As you may well know, Uphold has been down for people for roughly 2 weeks. Prior to that was a severe restriction on the regions that can connect.

If you’ve managed to have connected to Uphold before all of this mess, then there’s still a chance your BAT is going to arrive during the next payout. However, you’re probably best to create a support ticket so someone from Brave can help you.

Also, if unaware of the restrictions and issues that have been going on, you may want to check out PSA: Unsupported Region so you know more about it just in case you end up affected by it in any way.