Brave rewards pending verification on PC, verified on Android and other PCs

My work PC has an issue connecting to Uphold, it used to say verified but now says pending.
I am using my work PC, My home PC, My laptop and my Android phone.
I am verified with Uphold - since Nov 2021.
All 4 were connected and working correctly until recently - now as stated my work PC is having this issue.
Any advice would be welcome.

Wait for some hours. It should keep retrying till then. Or you can try to verify again. Also make sure you’re in a Supported region for verification →

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Thanks, this is going on over a month now for this PC.
I’ve cleared the browser cache, unlinked and re-linked to uphold multiple times, nothing so far has helped me. Oh and I am verified with Uphold, just this PC says otherwise!

try waiting a little while but then log into you uphold account and maybe it will push through. Worst case I would uninstall brave and reinstall after a few days if nothing changes

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That would cause losing the BATs you’ve earned till now

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shoot, I had to do that once though as there was no other option and I did lose the reward but I have not had another problem since.

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I ended up just doing this - a clean install of Brave, lost a few BAT but now verified again and Uphold info showing properly.

Thanks for helping, I did end up uninstalling and reinstalling, got back in to rewards with a small loss of BAT.

Will uninstalling and reinstalling it fix the problem? Did it work for you? Do you have the region problems? Where are you from?

If it worked that way it would be wonderful.

In this case it fixed my issue, I got setup properly again after the reinstall.
I’m from Europe BTW, no region issue.
I did lose the few BAT that had built up in the affected PC.

Has anyone from other regions of the world had this solution work for them? If so, it should be made public how to do it, for all to see.

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