Unable to verify Rewards suddenly, will I still get BAT in my Uphold account?

I have connected my Brave Rewards with my Uphold account long ago and received BAT a lot of the times in the past. Since about a year ago, a sudden problem started and Brave says connecting Uphold is not available in my region. I live in UAE.

  1. Does this mean I cannot receive anymore BAT, or does it simply mean I cannot connect Uphold here in Brave Rewards?

  2. I am able to use Uphold normally in this country, then what is the issue with Brave?

  3. What other incentive/motivation mechanism available for us in the UAE to use Brave (of course, other than its privacy and security features, which are great in their own right)?

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and support.

That is correct. Yes, they do have ideas to make sure that only ‘Verified’ profiles get earnings. But that’s something in the Brave nightly version only. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/10972518124941

Because of government rules & regulations.

Thanks for this swift responses. Just one last question on this.

Because I could not have a verified profile on this browser, whatever rewards I earned are stored locally in the browser on my PC. If I want to clean install another OS on this PC, I will have no option but to loose all the rewards earned so far. Is this right?

If this is right, I better turn off the rewards feature completely and just keep using Brave like any other FOSS.

Thanks and will look forward to this info.

That is correct. But if you’re on windows, you might have some luck.

Please take a look at the above, you could have some luck with this.

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Will I not be able to send the rewards to Brave wallet? Is there a way I can backup the tokens in Brave wallet in a format that I can re-import back into wallet once reinstall the OS? Sorry I am new to all this crypto business, my questions may be silly.

Ahh. Nope. They are trying to integrate it. Even when this unveils, we will still need Uphold / Gemini to send the BATs out of Brave.

Unfortunately I am not on Windows. I currently use Fedora, and I am planning to replace this with Windows soon. So the reddit post you shared may not help me, but can help others. So tagged it as a solution. Thanks for all the help so far.

One last question. If I choose country carefully during the setup, say I choose a country where Uphold is allowed, will it save the situation? Or is there geo location identifier in the browser that will again stop me from setting it to a different country?

The country you choose and your Uphold Documents nationality need to match. Even if you choose one of supported region and your nationality isn’t supported, it will still show region unsupported.

You could still have a try at the steps and check if the steps help.

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