I can't verify my Uphold wallet

Im trying to verify my wallet, but it show a warn of device cap.
“Device Limit Reached |Your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.10/14/2021”.
I made i clean install in my PC then i lose the old brave verified wallet.

Can you please remove all my old verified devices please?

Thank you

Same problem…

Impossible to verified my brave wallet with Uphold from my third computer.
“Échec de la synchronisation du portefeuille
Votre portefeuille ne peut pas être vérifié, car vous avez atteint le nombre maximum d’appareils autorisé.”
WRONG !! i have less than 4 devices so i don’t understand what is the problem.
Uphold can’t do anything for me and says the problem is only with Brave.

Thank you to fix it or tell me the procedure to unfix

Bump. Apparently it’s about too many devices linked to the Uphold acc, but thing is, neither Brave nor Uphold let you remove previously synced devices. I have no access to those previous devices for me to manually unsync them.

more than a month and nothing

i only want my wallet back

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