Remove all verified Brave Rewards wallet which are linked to an Uphold account (or other custodian account)

i had updated my operating system due to which my brave browser also got uninstalled, I want a fresh start, so I can verify my New brave browser Brave rewards wallet again.
Message appearing
“Device limit reached / your wallet cannot be verified because you’ve reached maximum verified device limit”.
Kindly remove all the previous brave wallets

linked to my uphold account , with my email ID []


Hello friend, tell me if you managed to solve the problem. I present this message in my browser

yes one account removed

how do yo doing bro? support help you?

yes, @Mattches thanks to you sir.
but i want a feature just like we have in chrome, of sign-in and we get all settings back and everything.
i want same in brave browser, as if someone changes his laptop or changes is OS, he will get everything back.
i hope this feature we will see soon in brave

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