Valid "Address doesn’t look correct", and invalid one does

I’m trying to send ETH to a specific address, 0xd03a6186a6930a519a76d414a775aa26054c3de7. Brave says

Address doesn’t look correct
Check your address to make sure it’s the right address (e.g. letters with lower or upper case).

However, web-validator confirms this is a valid address.

import { isAddress } from 'web3-validator';

console.log(isAddress('0xd03a6186a6930a519a76d414a775aa26054c3de7'));  // true
console.log(isAddress('0xD03a6186a6930a519a76d414a775aa26054c3de7'));  // false

If I capitalize the first d, Brave doesn’t complain, but isAddress returns false.

Other addresses (e.g. 0xAB739D4F2B44F3f4ed8236070A8f97119eaEd4aB) work.

Brave Version 1.62.165 Chromium: 121.0.6167.184 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Fedora Linux.

@EthanL I just tried looking up the one you provided on Etherscan and it shows up differently.

According to them, it’s actually 0xd03A6186a6930A519A76D414a775aA26054c3dE7, which you can see at

You’ll see what it is saying would be different are things like how it shows as A6 instead of a6 in the version you shared. It seems you’re trying to have all lower case but it’s looking to be case sensitive.

If I then put in the address using the case sensitive address, it would allow to be sent:

So yeah, it comes down to what they said, which was to make sure upper and lower case are reflected.

I get it, generally anything on EVM isn’t case sensitive, so I’m not sure why Wallet is built to be that way. But seems to be the issue at hand here. I’ll tag in @jleonard and @StephenHeaps to see if they might be able to share some input on why Wallet differs on that concept.

But in the meanwhile, I think that’s your issue and the solution.

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