Wallet address error when login Thetan Arena

Hello all,
This is my first post here. I’m using brave wallet to connect to every web3 app. I have never had any issue, until I signed up in Thetan Arena. When I login into the marketplace, it says “Wrong wallet address
It looks like you’re using an address different than the registered one. Please check your wallet address in MetaMask and try again.”

I contacted them of course, but after days and mails, they told me to contact metamask or my wallet provider.
The chain is BSC Testnet (imported from site settings).
I tried connecting with metamask (from another browser) and it works perfectly, unfortunately I have this issue only with brave wallet. Can you please suggest me any way to fix it? Is there any known issue or any known fix?

Thank you all!
p.s. Yes, brave is updated. OS: Win 10
I have other chains connected such as Polygon Mainnet and I can work easily, I have no more infos, sorry

Does clearing cookies on the site help?

Nope, The only thing that fixed was using Metamask instead of Brave Wallet

I realize this is a very old thread, but in case you are still interested in troubleshooting…
Does Both MetaMask and Brave have the same address when you login?

I used new address on Metamask, I didn’t import my wallet, but I’m going to if it will fix

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