Using TOR and IP address

Can someone tell me specifically how TOR works to give the browser user (Brave) anonymity with a given web site? When I check on a IP address web site when using Brave, I still see my original IP address and not a new or different one. So, how is my IP address making my web browsing with anonymity possible? In order for that to happen I would need a different IP address being shown when I browse. I know that is what a VPN does. So, does a TOR do the same thing? Can someone please explain. Thank you.

Go to tor private window. It will do some spinning and then say 100% in green light. Meaning you are connected to the Tor protocol.

On this site, it will tell you your IP (which will be different than your usual one. At the bottom, it will list details about your new Tor IP, in the section ‘Tor relay details’

TOR is the short form of ‘The onion routing’ protocol, developed in america. It passes your connection via different servers to reach your final destination. In VPN, the connection may pass through 1 (or 2 servers) but in Tor it passes through 3 (or 7 servers) via onion routing.
The servers are located all around the world independently. It is the most popular self-contained network (aprt from torrent, i2p, freenet etc).

I’m new to Brave. But, when I access TOR in the settings menu and see “Private window with Tor
Tor hides your IP address from the sites you visit.” I don’t see any spinning or a green light? Just a enable and disabled switch. I have it as enabled. When I access the web site that is recommended in the response, it shows my current IP address and NOT a different IP address as was stated in a reply, both are the same. What is rather interesting is that two different locations are shown for the same IP address, one in WA. and one in PA.??? But, how do I access the tor and hide my IP address from sites I visit? Can someone explain? Thank you.


To connect to tor and hide your IP:

  1. Enable tor @ brave://settings/extensions
  2. Hold CTRL+SHIFT+N , you will see this (in Windows PC):

  1. Check your IP; If you still see your IP do the following:
  • Clear browser cache
  • Hold Windows button+R, type cmd, enter, paste ipconfig/flushdns, enter.
  1. Restart Brave.

Hi CerealLover, thank you for your reply. I took your advice and everything worked! I now see a new IP address, different from my original IP. I appreciate your help in solving my problem, thank you for taking the time to help.