Big security privacy problem in Brave!

Brave currently has no use for keeping users safe and secret(of course in private window with Tor). Using the feature at [] , you can easily find out that you are using a ridiculous proxy, all it does is open blocked sites. If you want to spread Brave with tor like this, it is better to delete tor from Brave as soon as possible because it makes the tour technology infamous and people do not trust it and think the tour browser, It uses a proxy, but it does not. When I use the Tor browser, no information about me is real and everything is hidden. I like brave because it offers good features to block trackers, but I like brave to fully secure me. (There is a proverb that says either all or none). So it is better to implement the real technology of the Tor in Brave because their own users can find a much stronger and more powerful proxy than the Brave browser and enjoy its high speed and security. If you implement real tor technology in Brave, I can confidently tell my friends and relatives that Brave is the best in security and privacy.

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Full security is very important for some users. Please enforce it. Please answer this message that you can execute or not?

It just pulls your public IP and uses a database to calculate the closest approximation of your location. When tested, I changed my VPN to the UK, it did the same thing. Its not something to alarmed about. (like the “VPN” ads seen streaming sites which pick out your IP which also do a similar thing).

We can’t block every github request here since it’ll just get rehosted and it’ll be a cat/mouse, but you’re free too add ||^ into brave://adblock.

You guessed right and I already knew that. I’m not talking about IP because private window with tor in brave can change IP very well and in terms of IP change it works like tor and this is not a problem and it is absolutely correct. Sites can easily find our location through the device’s time and date, but the Tor browser can even change the time and date, and I like that. I like that private window with tor in brave can changing the time and date as well ip :slight_smile:

If hiding your IP is important, just stay connected to a VPN, clear any cookies/cache on a site that still detects the real IP. Though the moment you disconnect the VPN and connect to a site doing this…

Keep in mind, we block many trackers already via Easyprivacy, its not perfect but it’ll break many trackers.

I do not bother to explain to you again. To help the development team, it’s best to read my critique again and again from the beginning so that you understand it more fully and better. :expressionless: