Using private and non-private windows with rewards


I’m guessing none of your rewards are given to websites you visit in private browsing right?

Can someone tell me (or link me to explanation of) exactly what the differences are between private and non-private windows in Brave? I want to immerse myself in this wonderful Brave system and give back to the sites I love but I hate cookies tracking me everywhere. How are cookies stored in normal windows? Can they track you across different websites or are they all self contained?
I’m guessing anti-fingerprinting tech is employed in all windows…?

I wrote a topic about this in another catagory but nobody replied. It’s really fascinating how this stuff works and I think it’s important to understand as a user.


I receive rewards using private browsing with tor.

Thanks for your reply. Yes I’m sure you recieve rewards, but the websites you visit through Tor I think will not recieve BAT from you. Which makes sense.
I’m just curious exactly how it works.

Gotcha, yeah misread that.

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