I use only private mode, will brave Rewards available for me?

I just started using brave browser (3 days precisely) and opted for brave rewards as well. On top off that checked all the boxes to receive ADs (Created and got verified Uphold account, made sure that focus assistance is off for Brave Browser, etc).

I might be a bit hyped for it, but haven’t received any ADs yet. Will it be beacuse I only use Private Mode for browsing? Or should I chill out and wait for a bit longer.

Moderators - My apologies, if this query sounds dumb.

I use private mode sometimes and I still get Brave Ads pop-ups. When you click on it, it will open a new “non private” window and open the ad. If you’re not getting much Brave Ads, it may have something to do with your region. The amount of Brave Ads depends on the number of advertisers in each region.

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@TeotiX So it doen’t matter if I use Private Mode excursively? I had the impression that developers use machine learning to map browsing behaviors of users. So if I’m using only private mode, how it will “learn” my behavior?

@Alex_Earl I’m not 100% sure but you can “tell” Brave Browser what ads you don’t like to see. If you check your 7 day ad history you will notice that it seems you can dislike a certain ad if you don’t like it or block a certain category of ad all at once. Also, from what I understand, even if you don’t click the pop-up from Brave Ads, your pending rewards, the ad count and 7 day ad history will still be updated. In that way, you can keep being on private mode and still earn from rewards even if you don’t click them… I think. Not sure, sorry.

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@TeotiX maybe I’m over-hyped about this, it’s been just 3 days. It’s just that I haven’t received any notifications regarding brave ads. Should I wait for some more time? What’s your opinion.

@Alex_Earl Well, I started out like that at first. One thing I found out is that Windows 7 seems to have a problem with Brave Browser and the OS seems to have to do something with few Brave Ads being received. I still have my Windows 7 backup machine but compared to the Windows 10 OS that I often use, my Win 10 receives more ads somehow.

Aside from that, the number of Brave Ads you get in a day will be dependent on your region and if you’re region is not supported, you probably won’t get any Brave Ads. See link below to check if your region is supported and to know how many advertisers your region has.

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@TeotiX I do operate on Windows 10. And the region applied to me also have active campaigns (although not as much as the top 5 listings on the page).

Thanks for your support by the way. Maybe I should wait for a week or so. :vulcan_salute:t4: buddy.

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I see. Also, I almost forgot. If you’re using a VPN, then maybe the current VPN server you chose is a non supported region or a supported region with few advertisers. My Windows 7 machine doesn’t use VPN. I only use it for stuff where my location needs to be verified and for services that doesn’t allow using VPN. If you’re using VPN, why don’t you try choosing a server location that is supported by Brave with lots of advertisers.

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@TeotiX That’s a really good idea. I’ll inform you about outcomes once I try this. Thanks Man, cheers. :smiley:

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@TeotiX, It worked! :grinning: Just tried with a VPN for a couple of minutes and voila ADs started flowing. Surprisingly it opened pandora’s box, now I’m getting notifications even without VPN and at decent frequency.


Thanks, man.

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That’s great news. I’m glad it all worked out for you.
Now I’m curious about the part where you started getting ads on s decent rate without VPN. Could it be a possible workaround for those who are not getting ads. Like, using a free VPN and after getting a few ads, turn off VPN and see if they start getting ads normaly without VPN.

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