Using Brave Search on Microsoft Edge

This may sound strange but although Brave is my default browser, I sometimes need to use Microsoft Edge instead, especially when I’m trying to see if there some issue in Brave that works on Edge. I found the URL for Brave Search and then went out and added Brave to the list of Search engines available to me. According to what I’ve read on the internet, Edge is supposed to verify the search engine and then add it to the list of engines I can select from. However, once I added Brave Search the search engine was not made available to me to select. I realize that Brave Search is a Beta but I was wondering if this is a known issue and whether a work around exists? Note that this is on a Windows 10 Pro PC running release 21H1 and fully patched with August 2021 patches.

Just an update to anyone reading this post. Someone informed me that the string that I needed to put into Edge to allow Brave Search to become the default Brower was incorrect. The correct string to enter into Edge to add Brave Search is After I entered this string in and saved it, the “Make Default” was and option just in case a Brave user might want to have Edge setup with the same search engine for consistency.