Multiple Computers

I use Brave on my work computer and recently just had to get a new work computer. I made sure that I have both my old and new work computer both on my synced devices in my settings. So I had about 4 BAT that I should have gotten for April on my old work computer. I should still receive that BAT even though I got a new work computer since I added both computers to my synced devices right?

No, Syncing just syncs the History, Bookmarks, etc.

You won’t get those BAT back.

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But both computers are linked to my Uphold wallet, so why woudn’t I get credited for the BAT on my old computer since it was linked to the same Uphold wallet?

same for me, I have 4 BATs on my phone and 3 on PC. But Uphold doesn’t add them up

You need to be verified on uphold

To be verified on uphold you must have a wallet of 25 BAT we agree because if it is only that then I am already verifiedbrave

I am already verified on Uphold.

Estimated rewards wont be saved, unless the old computer still has brave and is connected to the internet, rewards are preserved only when they reach uphold for now unfortunately


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