Use the same Brave account on other computers

Hello, my question is the following: I use the Brave account to log in to a page, with a lot of information stored there. I would like to know if there was any way to be able to, for example, the account to other computers and use the same account and not lose anything.


To clarify, are you referring to your bookmark data and passwords or is this in reference to the Brave Wallet?


Hello, thanks for answering. Each user has their own account on brave. 10 people= different users. We take 1 account and use it as a login or for other uses. That account can only be used on one or several computers, export to other computers, to follow the functions. Neither of the 2 that you tell me is the account itself, for which I ask. It can?

0xcbeB*2DC7 account. Thats what I refer.


It sounds as if you are referring to the Brave Wallet based on the EVM address provided. If you’d like to learn more about importing/exporting your backup key/seedphrase you can do so here:


It’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t want to import from another account to brave. I draw it for you:
(Account 1) > Brave PC 1 > v
(Account 1) > Brave Pc 2.
I don’t want to import from any account (Metamask, etc…) to brave, it’s backwards.

Without losing the account number.

From what I read through the link. If your PC is stolen or broken, you cannot transfer it to another PC and everything is lost. That is wrong!!!

@MdqSilva I apologize for jumping in and also apologize if I make a wrong assumption here, but is English a second language for you? If so, it might be better to do a full explanation in your own language. I’m piecing some things together and perhaps Evan is understanding better than I, but it’s difficult to completely understand what you’re asking.

To me, it sounds like you want Brave Wallet to be shared between devices, as a server side thing. Which last I’ve known, you still can’t sync Brave Wallet between devices. In the past, some people would perform a backup, which is discussed in what @Evan123 shared with you, in order to put their Wallet on multiple devices, but I don’t know if they still allow for this or if it might cause any sort of complications.

Hello, do you prefer that I speak in Spanish? That’s exactly what I was asking about. You got it right.

Hola, prefieren que hable en español? Eso es justo de lo que preguntaba. Lo Entendiste bien.

A veces puede ayudar. La forma en que tu mensaje se percibía era similar a la de cuando intentaba hablar español u otros idiomas basándome en lo que había aprendido en la escuela. Se puede entender, pero faltaba claridad porque no era del todo fluido. Las barreras lingüísticas pueden ser muy difíciles. Afortunadamente, los programas de traducción pueden ayudar a reducir las dificultades. Además, a veces las personas que conocen el idioma pueden verlo y entenderlo mejor.

En cuanto a mí, últimamente no he podido practicar el español lo suficiente, así que he olvidado gran parte de él. Pero creo que la extensión de traducción DeepL que uso en Brave hace un buen trabajo de traducción. Puedes decirme si crees que esto tiene sentido para ti.

Sometimes it can help. The way your post was coming across was similar to how it was when I tried to speak Spanish or other languages based on what I learned in school. It can be understood, but lacked clarity because not quite fluent. Language barriers can be very difficult. Fortunately, translation programs can help reduce difficulty. Plus sometimes people who know the language can see and grasp it better.

As for me, I haven’t been able to practice Spanish enough lately, so I’ve forgotten much of it. But I think DeepL translation extension I use on Brave does a good job translating. You can tell me if you think this makes sense to you.

Te Funciona bien.

its a good extension. Is ok.

@Evan123 @Saoiray @MdqSilva I’m a little lost. I thought you could open Brave Wallet on any number of devices and profiles as long as you have the seed phrase. Is this not possible? Am I misunderstanding the issue? Why would you need sync?

Please explain or clarify. It will definitely help me and may help someone else who is reading this topic and/or has the same scenario and questions.


I’m going by things like that. Though as you saw though, I did mention how I remember people did what you’re talking about, doing the backup using the same seed to put it on multiple devices. But I don’t know how all that works. I mean, I don’t think it was necessarily intended to be on multiple devices, otherwise they’d implement a bit different. I think it’s just a bit of a workaround. Though asking @Evan123 and maybe even @hub to see if they can bring clarification.


Brave Sync allows you to sync specific data between devices such as bookmarks, passwords, and history. Imports/Exports/Syncing are based off the Sync Chain Code, which is a total of 25 words. This Sync Chain Code should be treated like a password. If someone gets ahold of it, they can read and modify your synced data.

However, Brave Sync does not sync the Brave Wallet and the Sync Chain Code will not restore a Brave Wallet. That is a separate feature.

If you’d like to import or export your Brave Wallet to another device, you can do so with the seed phrase specifically created for the Brave Wallet. This can be done as many times as you’d like. The recovery/seed phrase can be found under the three dots near the top-right of this link: brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio

Hope this helps clarify things a bit!


But it can be done? Isn’t it? What steps should be taken? Or is it too complicated? All the recent comments gave me more answers than I thought. But this is the part that I didn’t quite understand:

“However, Brave Sync does not sync the Brave Wallet and the Sync Chain Code will not restore a Brave Wallet. That is a separate feature.”

It would be like wallet only, wouldn’t it? Not the account itself, as a whole.

Translated with (free version)

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Something like that. Brave Wallet is completely separate from all other Brave functions. They didn’t tie it into Sync so it doesn’t link to other devices through the Sync code. And they don’t have any easy server side connection necessarily.

What they are saying is you go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio (copy/paste that into your search bar, or just open Brave Wallet)

Then while there you click on dots and choose to Back up now.

Untitled - Paint 8_17_2022 8_42_43 PM

On other devices that have nothing, you go to your Brave Wallet icon and where it usually asks for your password, you would click Restore.

Untitled - Paint 8_17_2022 8_45_04 PM

When you do that, it then gives you option to put in the seed phrase that you would have saved when you did the Back Up Now option earlier.

After that, you should have a copy of the same wallet on each device that you did the backup on. Again, this is only Brave Wallet and nothing else.

Translated really well. Definitely was a lot easier to understand.


Hello everyone, sorry for jumping into the middle of the discussion.

I had the same questions when I’ve started using brave on multiple devices (home pc, work pc, mobile phone… Etc.). Brave doesn’t support wallet syncing between the multiple devices. But I could verify each device’s wallet with uphold and for that all the reward earned in these devices could be gathered into the verified wallet.

For what I know, using backup/restore function will not add the backed up wallet to the other device. Say for example, I have 10 BATs in my mobile and 20 in my home pc. If I backed up the mobile wallet and restored the wallet into the PC, it will show up 10 Not 30.
Correct me please if I’m wrong.

Best Regards.
Excuse my bad English.

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