Migrating Wallet from one computer to another

I recently got a new laptop and I’m trying to migrate my wallet from one laptop to another. I imported my keys but I was only able to access one of the accounts in my wallet. How can I migrate all the accounts?

I can only see the private keys for the first account but not the others.

Can you tell me what kind of accounts were not imported to your new laptop? What happens when you try to view the private keys for the other accounts?

I’m trying to export my wallet from my old laptop to my new laptop.

On my old laptop, I have 1 main wallet and inside that wallet, I have multiple addresses (7+). When I export my private keys and use that to recover my wallet on my new laptop I’m only seeing the first address in that wallet.

So I have 6 address that did not transfer over to my new laptop and I have no idea how I can do that

If you restored just the seed, and the old accounts were not custom imported from an external source, then you can just add 5 more accounts and they’ll match up to the existing addresses.

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That worked! I hadn’t tried that before, but I had thought about doing that. However, I wasn’t sure if that would have just generated a different account seed and somehow replaced the other accounts.

Thanks a bunch!