Use Secure DNS: Cloudflare stopped working

I just restarted Brave after updating to Version 1.45.127 Chromium: 107.0.5304.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) and immediately got DNS failures. I reverted to 1.45.123, but still had DNS failures on all lookups (entering IP address directly worked). This was only in Brave, other programs continued to work fine.

I tracked the problem down to the “Use Secure DNS” setting, which had been set to Cloudflare. As soon as i changed that to Google everything started to work again. I’ve got it currently set to “with your current service provider”, assuming that will use my computer’s systemd-resolved.service (does it? or does it really use my “service provider” whatever that means?).

The timing of this coinciding with an update might just be coincidental, especially since i still had the problem after downgrading to the version I had been using minutes earlier. Is Cloudflare blocking requests from Brave suddenly?

Can you try using cloudflare (secure dns) after a few hours (a couple of days) from the time you encountered this problem.

Cloudflare servers specially in your region might be down for maintenance or there may have been an outage for these specific servers. It happens once in a while.

Ok, it seems to be working again now! I did check downdetector, but all that told me was cloudflare in general was up, it didn’t break it down by regional server. Thanks for that link, i’ll keep it handy :slight_smile:

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